Morrisons Hack – The Fall Out continues

Morrisons Staff launch a group action against Morrisons for “data loss”

Thousands of Morrisons staff are preparing to sue the supermarket after their personal details were leaked online.

More than 2,000 current and former Morrisons staff are pursuing a group claim alleging that the retailer was ultimately responsible for breaches of privacy, confidence and data protection law after a senior employee, Andrew Skelton, posted details of nearly 100,000 staff online; information including salaries, national insurance numbers, dates of birth..

The data breach at Morrisons’ Bradford head office last year cost the company more than £2m to rectify and Skelton has been jailed.

The cost of data loss is also now impacting companies long after the data was stolen; maybe this is about to set a precedent around data loss?

News accredited to the Telegraph – Link to story is here