Phishing attacks on Norfolk businesses

I’ve recently been approached by two well respected companies in Norwich – each of them lost an average of £18,000 to a single “phishing” email – the format of the attack is the same in each instance – have you had the same experience?

The attackers had done their homework well; through compromised emails and social engineering, they knew that the Financial Director was away on business.

They telephoned the office asking to speak to the FD on urgent business – a financial transfer had to be concluded by the end of that day – who else within the company could they speak to as a deputy to the FD?

Receptionist helpfully suggested a member of staff and gave the email address for them, before putting the call through – the attackers hung up as they now had their “spear phishing” target.

The attackers sent an email to the “target”, cc’d to the Financial Director (but he never receives the email), insisting that a sum of money (normally not too large, around £17,000 – £25,000) be transferred to a certain bank (in both cases, it was a bank in Germany) with the account details.

Thinking everything is above board, the money is transferred – never to be seen again

Have you been attacked in this way – please call me in complete confidence – 01603 673787

The attacks continue